Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Publishing Establishment Wrong, Again: Amazon's Awesome MatchBook

If You Don't Laugh, You'll Cry
So you buy the print edition of a book from amazon, and get the ebook format at a discounted price for those that want to buy it. That is the way this works. 

This Non-Sensical Comment
Then I read this post, and saw this....
However, Philip Jones, editor of trade publication the Bookseller magazine, was less enthusiastic.
"I'm sceptical about whether the reader actually wants it," he told the BBC."As far as I can tell most people read in one format, so they choose print or they choose digital and it's quite rare that they read both.
"However, I can see there would be advantages for students or for people who have particularly weighty hardbacks that they'd like to read in print form at home and then as an e-book on the road."
At least, the publisher of a "trade magazine," i.e. one that solely relies on the largest book publishers, left himself an "out," just in case. I guess.

You can see the value to readers from's MatchBook in this simple post. If, after reading the post, you cannot figure out why Amazon's deal is great for readers, and for self-published authors, then you require some basics of fundamental logic.

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