Monday, August 26, 2013


This Conversation Occurred on August 23 2013
Me: Can I speak with the CRM (Community Relations Manager)?
BN: She isn't here but I am the store manager.
Me: I am the author of this book, and I am giving an information session at the main library later in September. The book is a top-selling book in the Medicare/Medicaid category on Would you consider consignment for my book? I have copies with me.
BN: We don't take consignment.
Me: You can find the book on and it is available in Nook version also. My book is on the shelves in two other Barnes and Noble branches in other locations.
BN: We do put books on shelves for local authors.

Do you see the issue here? Rules that don't make any commercial sense. Spare the irrational, illogical "reasons." The market is deciding. Bricks and mortar bookstores are not flexible enough: this is a case in point..

By the way, I guess "local authors" doesn't extend to a 1.5 hour drive.

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