Friday, September 6, 2013

The Market Is Deciding This, Not the ALA, PW, B&N, Indie Booksellers, etc...

Tick Tock
Scroll down and look at the topics of the other posts on this blog. Libraries kowtow to Overdrive, which in turn kowtows to the Big 6 5. Indie Bookstores don't accept innovative ideas, and instead, cling to the idea that "there isn't enough room, we can return big publisher's books," etc. Please, take a look at my suggestion below, made to independent bookstores: take a free copy from a self-published author as a "store copy," which can be ordered from your store with NO RISK. Barnes & Noble can't do this because the book needs to registered in their in-store system (also illogical since my book is available on and in Nook format).  Remember Nook?

Amazon and Now Oyster
Amazon Prime can easily be modified/enhanced to include book. Oyster is a new startup, and has the right idea: it has signed up Smashwords. So for one fee, you can borrow an ebook. The selection will naturally be MUCH MUCH MUCH wider than that available at libraries, that have kowtowed to the Big 5 and Overdrive. Many libraries rely on PW, Booklist, NYT Book Review, etc as the sole source of information, which in turn are funded by the Big 5.
Who is to blame? Not individual libraries or individual librarians. It is the management of the ALA. PERIOD. If you pontificate too long, the market decides for you: you are not the only smart person in the room. And that person may know someone with money to post to fight the illogic. Meet Jeff Bezos, and now, another new entrant.
Who wants to bet on which party responds first? Amazon or Libraries. Oops: I get to take Amazon. You can have the field.

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