Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Obama and Amazon

Indie Bookstores Still Whining Complaining
On the Publishers Weekly website, this article appears on the front page of the website.
You have gotta be kidding me. 33 people lose their jobs for every $10 million shifted from bricks-and-mortar to Did they calculate the amount of consumer savings that occurred to the 300 million people that live in the U.S. alone? Did they calculate the opportunity cost of those savings to households around the country?

Stop Complaining, Start Improving
It is fundamental microeconomics, and its dynamics occur in every corner of the planet. New developments naturally occur, and those that adjust fastest get the spoils. Those that do not perish. So independent bookstores need to adjust and they need to do it yesterday.

In Other Words, All the Other Observations on This Blog Still Apply. Next.

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