Friday, July 19, 2013

Salon Should Be Ashamed of Itself

Salon Sets the Bar LOWWWWWW
Read this post on the popular Salon website. Please tell me that bookstores have a better strategy than this, i.e. begging Amazon to stop pushing the envelope.

Why Amazon Won't Stop: Microsoft, Blackberry, Nokia...
So you remember Microsoft? They were sued for being monopolistic. To which Bill Gates protested, saying that the speed of change was too great, and that the next great thing could obviate Microsoft. Well, guess what? Google happened, followed by iPhone and voila, if not for Microsoft servers that businesses require, we might all be using Chrome OS now. Remember Blackberry and Nokia? Me neither. Apple and Samsung have crushed them. THAT is why amazon will not, cannot follow the pathetic advice of this article.

Salon is to blame
Salon should be ashamed of itself. The feedback loop described in this pathetic article would occur so far in the future that multiple business models could be created in the meanwhile. I am speechless, not because the opinion exists, because there are idealists that grasping at straws, and I can understand. However, for Salon to publish this drivel is sad, unrealistic, and doesn't further the objectives of independent bookstores.

Oh, now I get it. Salon isn't meant to be taken seriously. Next.

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